The Bikeshop Lady

  • Skirted Girl on Bike
    I bike therefore I dress

Benign Briefs

  • I'm so proud...
  • Our dossier landed in China...
    Now we are officially on the Chinese radar!
  • Senator Tim Johnson - update
    I heard last week that he is off the respirator...

Malignant Briefs

  • Oh no - he didn't?!
    Did our fearless leader just say in his press conference that Nelson Mandela is dead? (speechless hand motions to express my distress in having the world's most mentally-challenged president!)
  • Guys who broke into our shop
  • SUV moms with running motors...
    I see a lot of moms sitting in their cars, waiting for school to end with the car motors running - not a good thing!

Movies on my radar...

  • About Adam...
    If you ever have a some time to spare...this is a really nice little movie!
  • The Replacement Killer
    Did I mention I like hit men movies?
  • Kingdom of Heaven
    See 'Guilty Pleasures'
  • Death at a funeral
    I saw the preview and I laughed one of my sizeable body parts off! I laughed even more when I watched the entire movie!
  • You kill me
    I like hit man movies, I don't know why!

Current Reads